Tree Removal

We specialize in removing trees that are close to houses, sheds, fences, and other structures. We have climbed 300 feet into a tree without the use of a bucket truck, which allows us to get into tighter places. We dismantle the tree and lower the pieces to prevent damage to nearby structures and the ground.

Tree Trimming

We can limb trees that are on, or close to, the house or other structures. We have equipment to remove limbs from tight places without damaging the ground or structures. If your yard has too much shade, we can limb your trees to let sunlight in.

Chipping/Clean up

We have an industrial chipper that can chip up to a 12-inch log. This helps speed up the cleanup and makes wonderful wood chips. Wood chips a great for you flower beds, gardens or pathways, we can also deliver more chips to you.

Storm Damage/Clean up

Prevention is always the preferred way of tree management, but sometimes nature does not give a warning. If there are limbs, or an entire tree, on your house or structure, give us a call. We can take photos from different vantage points for insurance purposes, and get it cleaned up.