Tree Trimming

We can limb trees that are on, or close to, the house or other structures. We have equipment to remove limbs from tight places without damaging the ground or structures. If your yard has too much shade, we can limb your trees to let sunlight in. We provide an optional full clean up and haul away, or we can leave the chips for your flower beds.

We care about the health of trees, which is why we use a climbing system called spur-less. This system does not pock the bark to help prevent bug damage and other disease. We also clean our equipment and dispose of bad wood chips for the same reasons. Trees also need to be trimmed/pruned to promote healthy growth, but if it is trimmed incorrectly, the tree will not heal and leave an opening for bugs and disease.

If you have tree in your yard that you have questions about, give us a call, we would love to help! Every tree and yard is different. Whether you know what work you want done or need some advice, we would love to help. Call, text or email us for a free estimate!